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Our People

Our shop is at the “top of the food chain” in the home-loan business. Our people are the most experienced and best trained anywhere. If you have a difficult financial picture, we’re ready for you. Whether you need advice for credit improvement or you’re self-employed, our experienced staff is here to help with your mortgage needs.


Our Process

We offer state of the art technology for our clients, along with that old-fashioned approach to communications. We provide a fabulous app for your phone or tablet where you receive updates when each milestone in the home loan process has been reached and you always have a click-to-call button should you have any questions so you can easily find your loan officer. Communication in our industry is sadly lacking, but not here. 

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Our Products

If you speak with a bank or local “direct” lender, you are limiting yourself to the loan products that they have. We are approved to do business with dozens of different lenders which gives us access to a multitude of products so we can find the best fit for your unique financial situation. This gives us a massive advantage over the competition

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Our Pricing

Marin Mortgage Brokers operates in the wholesale lending channel of the home loan industry, giving us amazing pricing power over banks and other lending options. We take your scenario and put it through our software to find the best priced wholesale lender for your benefit. It’s an amazing tool and a huge advantage for our clients.





Q: Will I have closing costs?

A: Yes--all home loans have closing costs and are broken into 3 categories: Loan points and fees; prepaid items; impounds for property taxes and insurance should you elect to utilize this feature.

Q: Do I need a 20 percent down payment to get a home loan?

A: No. Depending on loan size, purchase price and County you intend to purchase in, a down payment can be as little as 3 percent

VA Loan Benefits


No Down Payment!

There is no down payment on most home purchase!

  • Benefits
  • icon Avoid Needing Large Payment
  • icon Use Your Money For Other Things
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Closing Costs

Some Veterans are eligible for limited closing costs

  • Benefits
  • icon Smaller Loan
  • icon Lower Payments
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Avoid paying private mortgage insurance

  • Benefits
  • icon Hassle Free Funding
  • icon Get Your Dream House
Fund Your New Home

Reverse Mortgages For Seniors

Cash For Expenses

You can use a reverse to get monthly cash to fit your lifestyle

  • Good For
  • Pay monthly expenses
  • Help family, vacations, or whatever you choose
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Keep Your Home

With a reverse you can keep your home and still offer it to your heirs

  • Benefits
  • Stay in your home
  • Protection from going underwater
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Who Can Qualify?

You can your spouse must be at least 62 and own the home

  • Requirements
  • You and your spouse over 62
  • Own the home or can payoff with reverse
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Contact Us


(415) 529-5056


4040 Civic Center Dr., Ste 200
San Rafael, CA

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm
Sunday: Closed