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Our team at Marin Mortgage Brokers is fast, friendly, experienced and here to help you every step of the process

Hello, I am Scott Lawson, a native to Marin County, and have been the mortgage industry since 2003. I previously worked with high net-worth individuals as an investment portfolio manager. My holistic work experience has given me unique problem-solving skills for you. Many mortgage transactions are straight forward and many are not. I typically meet clients in person and gather as much information as possible and then advise them about what to expect regarding the entire real estate process, not just the home loan. I pay particular attention to what my clients are telling me so that I can fit a product or a preparation timeline that will get them to their destination. 

Please feel free to call me anytime @ (415) 529-5056. I am a big believe in thorough communication--if your call goes to voicemail, I will call you back shortly thereafter. 

Department of Real Estate (CA): 01895185

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System: 312312